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My research is deeply rooted in the study of optics, the body of the camera, the physics of light and often immersed in the formulaic and procedural study of the photographic process. I investigate the nature of visual illusion, linguistic construction, feats of architecture, and avian structure, while implementing analog and digital technologies in a systemic process of collection, analysis, and assembly. This work is a mapping system of travel, mechanism, infrastructure and a hero, charted, examined and accounted for and always attempts to locate the dislocated.

Growing up in suburban Chicago and aware that the city was so close inspired the desire to explore and move beyond the limits of home. Shortly after turning 14, I took the first of many walks to the train station, which led to the uncharted territory of Chicago. I believe this wanderlust was handed down by my Sicilian Great-Grandfather, Salvatore LaRocca, who was the first and only of nine children to leave Montevago for Chicago. I have imagined his departure and thought; perhaps, his longing for home left an imprint on me. I spent five days in Sicily in 2003 and could not conceive of how he walked away from such a place. I could not deny the sense of something familiar. Then through my own predisposition to travel, explore and discover, I came to realize that I feel most at home, most receptive and most creative in this state. Perhaps that is the imprint he left on me.

Gina Rymarcsuk: Icon-o-matic. Digital c-prints; each 5 x 5 in. excerpt from knock - off: A Collaboration with Nina Zingale

Gina Rymarcsuk: 1350 Successful Cuts (the Golden Mean). Metal Rosary rings; 36 x 36 x 2 in. It was at the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi where I discovered the Rosary ring. Typically these rings are made from poorly cast base metal and range in price from 1-5 euros. I began with approximately 2000 rings, 1500 silver and 500 gold. I used a jewelers saw frame to cut each open and implemented a traditional technique of constructing Roman chain mail. In my work I often rely on mathematical concepts and structures and ultimately decided to make three panels based on the ratio of the golden mean.

Gina Rymarcsuk: 41,000 missing (detail). DYMO label tape; 72 x 312 in. There are 7000 languages spoken in the world today with over 41,000 dialects. In the shame of my own ignorance or perhaps in the spirit of the self-flagellating monks, I used a DYMO label maker to punch out the names of each of these languages. 41,000 missing, is a generic metropolis constructed from these label tapes.

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