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brad biancardi

In thinking of how my artistic practice may be affected by living and working in southern Italy, I began to realize that I instinctively respond to an aesthetic that may be intrinsically and historically Italian. I am attempting to explain a visual duality that cannot be easily defined, but embraces both grace and masculinity, virtuosity and naiveté, chaos and geometric order.

Brad Biancardi: Snakes on a Painting, 2009, Oil, acrylic and paper on canvas, 54” x 60”

Brad Biancardi: Three Into Rooms, 2006, Oil and paper on canvas, 60” x 90”

Brad Biancardi: Broken Duet for Piano, 2009, (site-specific installation at Grey Gallery and Lounge, Seattle, WA) Multi-colored sharpie markers, latex paint, gold leaf, home-made contact microphones, effects pedals, 4 channel mixing board and PA, 86” x 70”

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