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lori-ann bellissimo

Lori-Ann Bellissimo pitches colour against depth in her paintings. Through a gradual process of using acrylic and mixed media trapped under individual layers of optically clear water-based resin; a final layer of resin seals each painting’s surface. This technique explores the paradox of spatial depth on a flat surface as the apparent shifting of colour and form within the painting gauges perspective.

The internal logic of each piece is a buried concentration of the object as revealed through traces of under-painting. Each plane overlaps and interacts with the painting’s physical surface and the form it describes. Abstract elements of design float on the edge of representation but are transformed by a congruous perspective or colour scheme.

Lori-Ann Bellissimo: White Sun (Pudds) 2009, Mixed Media and Diagrams of Planet Structure from Old Atlas on Transparencies in Plexiglas, 91.5 x 91.5cm

Lori-Ann Bellissimo: Silver Moon 2009, Mixed Media on Transparencies in Wood, 91.5 x 91.5cm

Lori-Ann Bellissimo: Angeline Jolie 2007, acrylic resin, pigment & mixed media, dia. 60"

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