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linda lee nicholas

I like to think of these paintings as abstract mappings, in which tension is mirrored in the emerging images that are recognizable, maybe just for a moment but then turn into a blur and become abstract again. As the dualities at play create movement, the meaning is never really clear.

…While the inner workings of the body are an area of interest for me, I am also concerned with the process of seeding and planting and the connection germination has with conception, biology and nature represented as the cycles of birth and death.

…I connect with the idea of a “melting pot” in my work. The inspiration, influences and issues of my work are issues that all of us on the planet are dealing with, no matter our origin. Dialogue can connect us and bring us together.  …Education is the healer of discrimination.

…Being immersed in the beauty of the natural vegetation of the mountains and coast will inspire my work and expand my painting vocabulary. I would be interested in talking to farmers and food growers of citrus, chestnuts, olives and grapes: regarding seeding and planting, and harvesting. I feel that my energetic and positive presence, and concern for our environment can bring an important addition to the diversity that is developing today in Southern Italy. Because of what I do and who I am in the context of my work and its content, along with my background, I would be a powerful thread between the modern way of today while having a clearly defined and cherished appreciation for the quality of the past.

linda lee nicholas: Arabidopsis 2006. Oil on Canvas. 48”H x 60”W

linda lee nicholas: Cracked. 2008, Ink on Paper 14" H x 10” W

linda lee nicholas: Elizabeth Pumping. 2008, Ink on Paper 10“ H x 13” W

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