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kara dunne

I am extremely multi-faceted. With a dual background in printmaking and glass sculpture, I work continuously crossing over the borders between drawing, traditional printmaking, digital manipulation, video, performance, and installation. The inclusion of several types of media into an art piece allows for each to become significant variables in content development. The audience, or viewer, also becomes an important variable in my work; I strive to make work that is challenging and requires a different level of viewer “participation”. I also love working traditionally; the processes of drawing and printmaking are beautiful and unmatched in the history of art making.

kara dunne: ‘Mary’s Mighty Maids’. 7.5” x 11”, silk-screen on vacuum bags, 2007-2009. * Part of an ongoing performance where I offer a cleaning service for sins. * Bag inventory list shown to the right

The installation was built to look like an inviting living room space; the loveseat faces a wall with my video work playing. There is an audio tour available for the guests to listen to as they watch the videos and move through the space. Certain tracks on the audio tour will reveal other hidden videos within the installation. 2. View of secret video behind painting.

Framed print above mantel- ‘Beautiful Birds, Delicious Desserts, Pigeons and Whoopi Pies’. 14”x18”, Photogravure/Silkscreen

kara dunne: ‘ You Decide’. My size doll clothing, Leiderhosen shown here; Silk-screen, 2008-2009. * part of a wardrobe of approximately 50 pieces, I allow the audience to dress me with life size paper doll clothes

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