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joseph cavalieri

Though Medieval stained glass and cartoons are worlds apart, I assimilate them into work that feels perfectly natural. The process starts with each piece of glass being hand cut and painted with an enamel, then kiln-fired to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit (677 Celsius), melting the paint permanently onto the glass. It is then soldered. This process dates back to Medieval times, though I use more contemporary techniques like airbrushing and silk screening. Though much of my work needs a kiln, I have work in residencies and taught in places where there is no kiln.

With the work I make and through teaching my aim is to spread the excitement of contemporary design in stained glass. I feel traditional stained glass is limited by its history. My work is new and exciting, and technically precise. It is inspired by popular culture including the Simpsons and the animation cult hero R. Crumb. Mr. Crumb agreed to let me use some of his iconic images in my work…

Artisans of Italy have a long history of working with glass. I would like to include the following during the residencies in Calabria:
• Continue to work on my current series of stained glass projects.
• Have an open studio for the public to stop in and see the work in progress.
• Create a permanent art project to leave behind.
• Sharing my techniques with the local community, with an organized lecture and demonstration, a beginners stained glass class for the local community, a more structured class in a local (art) school or a class with other glass artists in the area.
• And an exhibition of my work with the other residents.

Joseph Cavalieri: "Lap ‘O Luxury". Vitreous enamel, layered glass, flashed glass, solder, 19 x 27 x 2 inches; 48.2 x 86.5 x 5 cm, 2010. Cavalieri worked with Robert Crumb to produce this series of stained glass panels. Mr. Crumb has agreed to let Joseph use specific images. This is panel is based on a cartoon book cover from the 1970s. Set in a light box with LED lights.

Joseph Cavalieri: "Two Nanny Goats." Vitreous enamel, glass, solder set in a wall hung light box, 23 x 37 inches; 58 x 94 cm

Joseph Cavalieri: "La Crossifissione di Moe." (The Crucifixion of Moe). Vitreous enamel, layered glass, solder set in a wall hung light box. 23 1/4 x 33 1/4 x 2 inches; 59 x 84.5 x 5 cm, 2010

Joseph Cavalieri: "North, South & Home." Vitreous enamel, faceted glass, epoxy, 33 x 42 inches each panel; 83 x 107 cm, 2010. Stained glass window installation by Joseph Cavalieri at the Philipse Manor MTA Metro North train station.

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