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christopher garcia

My current body of work deals almost exclusively with abstracted human, animal and imaginary figures. I draw a lot from my experiences and observations of religion and personal caricatures of my thoughts. The work is derived from the act of expressing emotion and raw thought into a physical entity. First born of the mind, they take shape and an actual presence. They spring out and have a raw/visceral existence.
Many of my drawings and sculptures are also made into a series that feature individual short animation and claymation films (1 minute to 5 minutes max) The idea of the work is to show the fluid nature of art media and to eliminate the boundaries between process and product.

As a teacher, journalist and artist, I feel it is necessary to broaden my experiences by not only traveling and studying different countries and cultures, but by also interacting with people. The most satisfying learning experiences for me have involved working directly with people from other cultures and countries. I have learned a great amount by working closely with other artists, individuals and children and sharing my time, ideas and techniques…In each country, I have always felt like a life-long student who is forever open to unfamiliar circumstances.

Christopher Garcia: “Cultivators” (Detail) 2010, ceramic, 17 “H x 8”Wx 8”D.

Christopher Garcia: “Playing with the gods” 2010, ceramic, 15 “H x 7”Wx 6”D.

Christopher Garcia: “Heart of Sky” 2010, ceramic, 16 “H x 7”Wx 6”D.

Christopher Garcia: “Twin Heroes” (Detail) 2010, ceramic, 18 “H x 8”Wx 8”D.

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