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alex white-mazzarella

In my paintings I engage viewers through the freezing of spontaneity; color, line and velocity that transcend our world and culture into metaphysical landscapes that can explode the human condition. A constant experimental mixing of media and a fierce interaction with the surface is fundamental to an intense whimsical style that are in essence my raw observations of the age, world and reality in which we exist.

Southern Italy and an opportunity for residency: With my mother from Florence and half of my family residing in Tuscany and Abruzzo, I spent much of my early years in these parts. My grandfather Giuseppe Andriani was from Puglia and the origin of my second last name Mazzarella, Naples. My grandfather devoted his life to art, prolific in his creation of etchings, watercolors, and sketches depicting household and street life in Napoli and Puglia. Through trips to Southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast, Syracusa, and Taormina, I have witnessed rich cultures and landscapes; Felini-esque characters and amazement born from earth. A volcanic soil gives way to fist sized lemons dotted with green and orange dots… a display of the magic within… inspirational personalities that have carved their own realities by creatively and imaginatively transcending their everyday landscape and routines into life itself. I want to entrench myself in this reality and let it be a guiding force for my work.

alex white-mazzarella

alex white-mazzarella

alex white-mazzarella

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