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Italy Makes Dreams Come True ~~

June 9, 2012

While I was in Italy I captured many photos for my own collection but also for my work portfolio, which is actually one in the same. For me, my work has always had a personal meaning and I never consider it actual work. Being able to do what you love is the most important thing in this life. For sometime now I have been submitting images to VOGUE.IT (VOGUE Italia) in hopes of having my work published on the online magazine, a stepping stone to possibly being shown in a hard copy of VOGUE Italia (their paper magazine) one day. There are many places I would love to see my work appear but as a street photographer who also has admiration for fashion being published by VOGUE would be an honor.

As I continue to submit my work the up and down feelings continue as well. When I say up and down I am referring to my hopes. Submitting images that I think VOGUE will accept and love (up) and then seeing they are rejected (down). I imagine it is the same feeling an actor gets time after time when they can not get a part. But one must keep trying and as I have done so I am happy to say an image was selected. What may seem minor to some is a humbling experience to me and I chose to share it here because the image that was chosen was taken in Monasterace in one of the residences studios. My trip to Italy (the first time) was indeed dear to my heart being that my roots come from Sicily & Italy. In addition to my journey, having an image taken in Italy  published by VOGUE Italia makes it all that much more meaningful. I am so grateful for the experience and look forward to the day I can return.

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  1. June 9, 2012 11:29 pm

    Congratulations-way to go lady savage!!!

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