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funny as it sounds, chickens have brought peace

August 11, 2010

I had written awhile back that in the 1950’s my family’s chickens were zoned out of south Hackensack, New Jersey.

I never could have imagined what a travesty this was, until we were recently given chickens: three chickens, all hens, all leghorns, they do look a bit like Foghorn Leghorn, but more chicken-sized than he was.

They are incredible layers, over an egg a day each, and they eat tons of insects.

But more than their obvious benefits, they have brought peace, some sort of hidden sense that everything is alright and going the way it is supposed to go.

So far I am not sure if I can put my finger on why this is so. But feel it strong enough to comment, as it feels that they have become a hidden link to the earth where we reside.

Peace on earth, my childhood dream, occurring locally, if not globally.

But occurring, thank god.

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